Orthopedic Post-Operative Rehab

Orthopedic surgery is a surgery of the musculoskeletal system of the human body. After the surgery, post-operative rehabilitation is usually mandatory because your muscles and bones need adequate time and environment to repair and heal themselves. There are several post-operative complications that are seen, and they can further complicate the case. Some of the examples are incisional hernia, the formation of keloid, and bowel obstruction. To prevent them, our healthcare providers opt for post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation. Post-operative rehabilitation is imperative to tackle muscle stiffness, enhance mobility of joints, pain management, and any kind of post-operative complication like deep venous thrombosis.
Let’s take a look at the main features of our post-operative rehabilitation:

Exercises for mobility
Pain relief
Regular follow-up

Any type of surgery can have physical and psychological effects that can influence your health. Psychological effects can lead to depression and anxiety. Physical effects can lead to immobility. So in our post-operative rehabilitation service, our professionals will conduct a full assessment of your body, and they will assist you in making short-term and long-term goals to take full advantage of your recovery potential.
Our physiotherapists also encourage the patients to perform exercises on a daily basis to strengthen their muscles and to overcome any kind of immobility that can be caused by surgery. With our exercises, not only will your muscles be strengthened, but this will also assist in improving your cardiac and respiratory health, which can be beneficial for you.