We offer various services for the enhancement of the lives of the patients. Our personalized and customizable physiotherapy programs have enabled us to become one of the leading physical therapy associations in the United States.
Check out our services:

Orthopedic Post-Operative Rehab

Let our doctors assist you in the reestablishment of the movement, endurance, and strength of your muscles and joints.READ MORE + »

Passive Stretching Exercise Programs

We have introduced passive stretching exercise programs for individuals who want to increase flexibility and decrease tightness in their shoulders, back, hamstrings, chest, hips, and ankles.READ MORE + »

Spine / Back Care

Are you having a problem with your spine or back? Our doctors can indeed improve your quality of life by providing appropriate interventions.READ MORE + »

Amputee Rehab

Advanced Physiotherapy has helped numerous clients in enabling them to attain full potential through customized rehabilitations.READ MORE + »

All kinds of Massage

Massage by an expert can assist people in overcoming their injury or any other ailment. We offer different types of therapeutic massages.READ MORE + »

Multi-trauma Rehab

Have you experienced multiple traumas? Our service of Multi-Trauma Rehab has already helped hundreds of patients to overcome their medical-related concerns.READ MORE + »


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