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Our expert physiotherapists are committed to providing you with an individualized treatment plan which uses the most appropriate interventions for your condition. You can access our therapy programs without any compromise on quality.Read More + »

Digital Patient Intake

Our system has been specifically designed to make the process as transparent as possible to the patient. By delivering a digital patient intake, we reduce the reams of paperwork that patients and providers currently deal with and give patients and doctors access to their information anytime and anywhere.Read More + »

Interpreters / Transportation

Communication is important when it comes to explaining your physical condition. That’s why we offer Arabic, English, and Spanish language services so that patients describe their problems with confidence. We also offer transportation services to those who need them.Read More + »

High-End Patient Centric Services


We understand that each person’s rehabilitation is personal. That’s why our physical therapists customize your rehabilitation program with the right mix of skilled hands-on treatment techniques, medical evaluation, and exercise sessions.
Our process of work is fairly simple. You will be examined, and a plan of care will be created by your physician and physical therapist. Our plan is designed to help you return to an enjoyable lifestyle as quickly as possible. Your health care team will assess and evaluate your level of wellness and fitness using the following criteria: pain level, range of motion, strength, endurance, nutrition, sleeping habits, self-perceived well-being, and social support.
After assessing your health and fitness condition, our physical therapist may use techniques such as exercises, massage, heat and/or cold, high-end exercise equipment, and use of other latest methods in the physiotherapy industry to help you work with ease and comfort. At Advanced physiotherapy, our goal is to get you back on track so you can continue enjoying your active lifestyle.



Advanced Physiotherapy is all about making you enjoy your daily life again. We understand having a physical injury can cause you great trouble. Through our patient-centric, individualized therapy programs under the supervision of certified physiotherapists, you can go back to your normal routine after an injury, surgery, stroke, joint replacement, back pain, sports-related injuries, or other orthopedic or neurological problems.
The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art muscle function testing devices that are used to quantify muscle strength, performance, and endurance. Likewise, through our digital patient intake process, we can eliminate duplicative efforts such as paper forms that lead to red tape-ism. Likewise, you don’t have to wait on hold on the other side of the telephone line. We strive to satisfy our patients’ needs by giving them access to critical information immediately after they arrive.
Our goals is to ensure that patients are as healthy as possible wherever they may be in life and to help people of all ages stay active and well.

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Physical Therapy Specialists
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We offer compassionate, patient-focused, and outcome-driven services to help you return to your life activities. At Advance Physiotherapy, you will be offered an individualized program of care which will be implemented through a variety of treatment techniques. Specifically, your physical therapist will provide the following services as per your need base:

Cold Laser Therapy
E-Stimulation and TENS
Ultra Sound
Joint Mobilization
Joint Manipulation
Moist Heat, or Ice
Kinesiology Taping
Soft Tissue Massage
Friction Massage
Passive Stretching Exercise Programs
Healthy Lifestyle Counseling
Orthopedic Post-Operative Rehab
Treating Pain and Inflammation
Enhance Strength, Endurance, and Range of Motion programs
Improve mobility Exercises


Meet Our Providers

The full-time faculty at our clinic includes a Medical Director, Assistant Medical Director, and a team of other physicians who serve as physiotherapists, surgical consultants, health and fitness experts, and backup should the need arise. Besides, we have an active research program with current projects to keep ourselves up-to-date with recent development in health technology care and exercise interventions.


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Our Medical Services

As experienced providers of quality care of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular systems of the body, we are committed to providing you with superior individualized care under the care of experienced and certified physiotherapy experts.

Orthopedic Post-Operative Rehab

Reestablish the motion of your joints, increase your mobility and level of endurance while making your muscles strong after post-surgery.READ MORE + »

Passive Stretching Exercise Programs

Our Passive stretching exercise programs are designed to help anyone increase flexibility, range of motion and decrease tightness in your shoulders, back, chest, hamstrings, hips, and ankles.READ MORE + »

Spine / Back Care

Our first and formost focus is to improve your quality of life so you can regain the use of your spine, back and lower body, and reintegrate into your workplace or community.READ MORE + »

Amputee Rehab

We will help you attain your full potential through our personalized, professional approach. We will work with you and your physician to map out an individual program of therapy to maximize your treatment and improve your overall health.READ MORE + »

All kinds of Massage

We believe that anyone can overcome an injury or malady through professional massage services. You will reach a full recovery with a team of competent professionals.READ MORE + »

Multi-trauma Rehab

Meet your unique medical and personal needs in a warm, caring, and supportive environment. Advanced physiotherapy helps patients heal naturally by encouraging them to take control of their recovery.READ MORE + »


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